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Custom Braces in Muskegon, Michigan

Straighten out your misaligned teeth with a variety of custom braces from West Shore Orthodontics in Muskegon, Michigan. No matter how severe your bite problems, our family orthodontist provides a range of effective straightening options.
Braces, Custom Braces in Muskegon, MI
Beautiful Teeth with Braces
Braces place a constant, gentle force in a carefully controlled direction, and slowly move the teeth through their supporting bone to a new, desirable position. Made of metal, ceramic, or plastic, braces can be either removable or fixed by being cemented and/or bonded to the teeth.
Today, braces are generally less noticeable than their predecessors: a metal band with a bracket (the part that holds the wire) placed around each tooth. Today, the front teeth typically have only the bracket bonded directly to the tooth, which greatly diminishes the old, characteristic "tin grin." Depending on your preference, brackets can be clear or colored. In some cases, we provide lingual braces, bonded behind the teeth where they stay out of sight when you eat or speak.
The Word on Wires
Also less noticeable than their stainless steel predecessors, most wires consist of technologically advanced alloys of nickel, titanium, copper, and cobalt, with some even heat-activated. With so many new wire materials available, this means the tooth-moving process may be faster and more comfortable for patients, which reduces the number of appointments needed for adjustments. In addition, clear orthodontic wires are now being tested and developed, but are not on the market yet.
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