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Children's Orthodontic Treatment in Muskegon, Michigan

Help your youngster grow up with strong, healthy teeth with children's orthodontic treatment from West Shore Orthodontics in Muskegon, Michigan. From thumb-sucking to excessive mouth breathing, our family dentist will pinpoint alignment issues with your child's teeth.
Orthodontics For Children
Common in both children and adults, some malocclusions are so minor that no treatment would provide a demonstrable benefit. Malocclusions that are more serious may require intervention in the form of appliances, such as braces.

For this reason, regular dental checkups are critical, because they provide an opportunity for a dental professional to spot small problems before they become big ones.
Little Girl Smiling, Overbites & Underbites, Uneven Teeth in Muskegon, MI
During a routine exam, for example, your dentist may be able to determine if the child's jaws are growing properly and at the same rate. An array of symptoms, such as jaws that shift easily or make popping sounds, teeth that do not match up properly when biting, and other indicators may call for a more detailed orthodontic exam.
Other Orthodontic Symptoms in Children:
  • Baby Teeth Lost Too Early or Too Late
  • Biting the Cheek or Roof of the Mouth
  • Crowded, Missing, or Moved Teeth
  • Excessive Breathing through the Mouth
  • Problems with Biting down or Chewing Food
  • Thumb- or Finger-Sucking
  • Disproportionate Teeth or Jaws
Early Treatment for a Lifetime of Great Teeth
Catching these problems while your child is young helps avoid a host of more serious issues, such as impacted teeth, as well as lengthy, more costly orthodontic treatment in later life. In addition, starting treatment at a young age helps prevent soft tissue or palate injuries from protruding teeth, and puts a stop to bad habits such as thumb- or finger sucking.

Difficulties in breathing, speaking, swallowing, or eating may also be corrected. Proper orthodontic treatment also creates space for newly erupting or future teeth, and helps glide the teeth and jaws gently into their correct positions.
Start your child on the road to beautiful teeth, and schedule an appointment today.